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Cane sugar scrub patchouly from Guadeloupe


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Scrub with cane cedar patchouly from Guadeloupe

The Cane Sugar Scrub patchouly cedar perfume is a body scrub, ideal for removing your dead cells.

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CompositionsSaccharum officinarum extract/Cetearyl isononanoate/Parfum/Coumarin
ParfumsCèdre Patchouly
Contenance250 ml

Cane sugar scrub patchouly cedar perfume: characteristics

The scrub with sugar cane scent patchouly cedar exfoliates and moisturizes your skin, it will restore suppleness and softness. The aroma of Scented Candy Cane Scent Cedar Scent will transport you to an olfactory journey.

Cane sugar scrub patchouly cedar perfume: benefits

The Cane Sugar Scrub patchouly cedar scent will allow your body to eliminate its dead cells and relax after an intense day. A massage with patchouly cedar massage oil will complement the benefits of the sugar cane scent patchouly cedar.

Cane sugar scrub patchouly cedar perfume: use

After moistening the skin with warm water, apply the Scent to the cane sugar patchouly cedar perfume by rotating and energetic movements. So the sugar crystals will remove your dead cells and then rinse with water. In order to complete the benefits of this care Scrub with sugar cane patchouly cedar perfume, it is advisable to use massage oil orange cedar patchouly

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