Origin of our products

Alizée Nature Caribbean: origins of our products

Alizée Nature Caribbean: brand hosted by Bien Être Éthic

Bien Être Éthic is the distributor of Alizée Nature Caribbean brand’s products.

Alizée Nature Caribbean is a small company set in Saint-François city in Guadeloupe and specialized in the creation and production of natural beauty products.

Alizée Nature Caribbean: the Natural philosophy

Jean Vargas, Alizée Nature Caribbean brand’s producer has a philosophy: Plants, fruit acids and natural.

Seduced by the environment and curious of materia medica as well as local herbal medicine, he created his brand Alizée Nature Caribbean in 1989. After many researches and development, first formulas were born in the form of perfumes and other natural products for beauty.

Many products were then registered, offering a variety of natural body care, natural massage oils, natural hair care and natural solar care.

Alizée Nature Caribbean: A taste of the West Indies

The laboratory Alizée Nature Caribbean develops its range of cosmetics made in France using natural active principles from West Indies plants.

Guadeloupe is a favorable island for creativity thanks to its rich flora with various smells and therapeutics properties.

Vanilla, coco, guava, passion fruit as well as active plants such as Aloe Vera, hibiscus, avocado, grapefruit, sugar cane, Roucou seeds are as many extracts which will invite your body to travel.

Alizée Nature Caribbean: Trustable products in Guadeloupe and Martinique

The natural beauty products from Alizée Nature Caribbean are used in many places of renown:

  •  Toubana Hôtel 4* Spa, Plantation Resort Hôtel Spa, Créole Beach Hôtel Spa, Jericho Gîtes and Spa, Eden Paradise...
  •  Beauty Eden Cosmetic Centers, Sara Well-being, Nature bio...
  •  Caribbean AMA
  •  Estebel
  •  Sun Drugstore, Hélios ...
  •  Hotels

And in homeland, (Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Naturopaths, Beauty Institutes, Hotels and Spa)